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The Company

LF Marketing Consultants Ltd specialise in marketing and finance for the plant machinery, agricultural and trucking industries.

With a successful history and great relationships within these industries, the basic aim of our marketing agency is to promote your company, boosting your reputation, brand and sales.

We are also proud to be an Appointed Representative of Rural Finance Limited, offering competitive finance solutions to suit you.

Please visit our FINANCE page for further information

The Person behind the Company

I’m Laura, the person behind LF Marketing Consultants Ltd. I’ve spent the last 6 years working within the heavy machinery industry. I first started out in the industry working for a market leading publishing company, advertising new and used machinery worldwide by way of print and digital platforms. Dedicated to getting the best results for my customers, I soon realised many customers understood the importance of marketing but few had the time or knowhow to market their companies effectively.

With so many companies struggling to formulate marketing strategies and dedicate the time needed to make them work in such a competitive market, I decided to allocate my time to improve their company’s industry presence. When I approached some such companies with the idea of having someone that understands marketing but just as importantly knows their industry to dedicate the time to their marketing, the response was overwhelming! Many were intrigued by the idea and saw it as a potential step towards boosting their brand.


Since the beginning of LF Marketing Consultants Ltd at the end of 2015, we’ve made fantastic progress with a number of clients. Weirdly, we don’t market ourselves and all of our customers come to us via word of mouth .. which we think is the best way and says a lot about us and the service we offer! For the majority of our customers, we manage their entire marketing department which involves anything from advertising, branding, events and design to website and social media management. LF Marketing Consultants Ltd are flexible, friendly and above all passionate. We’re proud to have built a valuable network of customers and suppliers but we’re really really proud to have such fantastic relationships with our clients too.


For more on the services we have to offer, please visit our SERVICES page here.


With such a fantastic network of clients we became an Appointed Representative for Rural Finance Limited. This allows us to provide highly competitive finance options for anyone looking to finance machinery, vehicles, land, livestock and more.


Our ability to provide finance to our customers and their customers alike has a proved a highly popular service for us and we’re on hand to assist you if you need us!


For more information on the finance services we offer, please take a look at our FINANCE page here.