Financing for Agricultural & Construction Vehicles and Equipment | Oxfordshire
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Laura Fuller, Marketing & Finance Broker Based in Oxfordshire

LF Asset Finance

At LF Asset Finance we are dedicated to helping you invest in the right equipment and vehicles to grow your business. We specialise in construction and agricultural equipment but are able to finance industrial equipment, cars, vans and more; based in the heart of Oxfordshire, LF Asset Finance also covers Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and surrounding areas.

We provide you with easy to understand and affordable financing solutions, thanks to our long running partnership with Rural Finance. We have a wide range of financing options that can help support the growth of your business. Whatever your needs, LF Asset Finance will find the financing solution that works for you. Visit our finance page

Laura Fuller Finance Options:

Hire Purchase



LF Marketing Consultants

We aren’t just finance brokers. We are a marketing agency specialising in the heavy machinery industry that will support the growth of your company too! ‘Marketing’ is a priority for all companies, but tends to be the one that ends up at the bottom of the list. Before you know it, another year has gone by, you had every intention to post consistent and engaging social media posts, you meant to re-evaluate your advertising and monitor your return on investment … but you haven’t had time or didn’t know where to start.


Marketing is about being consistent and dedicating time day in and day out. This is exactly where LF Marketing Consultants come in; we do the marketing for your business, so you don’t have to. Not only do we know marketing, we know the heavy machinery industry and that makes all the difference! Having spent the last 6 years within the Plant Machinery industry, we’ve built up a comprehensive network of both customers and suppliers. This enables us to direct your business and your brand in the direction necessary to stay ahead of the game.

Our Services


We assure fully managed and optimised third party print and online adverts & PPC advertisements…


Branding is what defines your company’s standards. It gives customers an insight to your company’s reputation in the market.

Content writing

The content on your website plays a significant role when it comes to attracting clients…

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is what we started with, and it has always been our main area of focus…


Turnover up by


Machine sales up by


Advert traffic up by


Advertising expenditure down by


Social media audiences up by over